Taylor Swift Vs Kayla Nicole Clash causes controversy ‘ Travis Kelce to make lasting decision ‘

Taylor Swift Vs Kayla Nicole Clash causes controversy ' Travis Kelce to make lasting decision '


Travis Kelce’s relationship with Kayla Nicole started in 2017. Kayla Nicole is a fashion reverie, sports journalist and former beauty pageant queen. Kayla admitted that the Kansas City tight end made the first move and stated texting her on Instagram for a few months, and that is how they knew each other.


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is always making headlines with his amazing plays during game time.

Now, the star tight end is answering all the questions you might be wondering about his personal dating life amid his return to the national spotlight.

Earlier this year, Travis sat down for an interview, revealed his relationship status, if he’s still dating his girlfriend of five years Kayla Nicole, and dispelled a huge rumor that has been circulating for most of 2022 about his love life. He also spoke about Taylor Swift!
Travis & Kayla split in 2022…


Travis and Kayla are no longer together. When their split was first reported back in May of 2022, a report about the reason why went viral.

Barstool Sports claimed that the reason they broke up is because Travis forced Kayla to pay for half of everything, despite his massive NFL salary.

“Travis is very cheap. In the beginning he tried to make Kayla ‘prove’ that she wasn’t with him for the money . . . so she had to pay half of everything,” a tipster told the blog. “Half of every date, every trip, everything.”

ravis responds to the rumor that he forced Kayla to pay for half of everything…

“Don’t buy into that s-t!” Travis said on The Pivot podcast in January 2023. “I would never say that I was supporting her. She had a very financially stable life and what she was doing in her career. You’ve got to be crazy if you think I’d never helped or gave her a couple dollars to grab some food or she gave me some money… We were in a relationship for five years. A hundred dollars here and hundred dollars there wasn’t even thought about, which is ridiculous.”


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