Taylor Swift Responds to NFL Fans’ Criticisms with a Strong Resilience Message”Your tyranny is no match for my positive energy” and “You can’t break me when I’m already on my feet.” Taylor Swift blasted NFL fans for their nasty remarks directed at her and her boyfriend

Taylor Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has been the talk of the sports world, with the pop star making appearances at many of his games.

While plenty of fans and commentators are thrilled that Swift has become a fixture at these games, thus bringing in new fans and viewers to the sport, others aren’t thrilled with this attention.

After a video surfaced showing Taylor Swift dancing and enjoying the Chiefs win over the Dolphins in the Wild Card round, some sports fans are starting to complain.

Tony Dungy leads criticism against Swift

Former NFL head coach and commentator Tony Dungy was among the first to criticize Swift after the Chiefs/Dolphins game.

When speaking about the “Swift Effect”, Dungy said “There’s so much on the outside coming in—entertainment value and different things taking away from what really happens on the field.”

Fox News host and NFL fan Will Cain defended Dungy, saying his take was “objectively true.”

When his co-host defended Swift, Cain doubled down saying if people wanted to see an attractive girl at a football game, “That’s what we have cheerleaders for.”

NFL commentators and fans defend Swift

While Swifties have come to her defense, it’s not just music fans who are leveling criticism against the likes of Dungy and Cain.

NFL announcer Rich Eisen put those criticizing Swift on blast on his radio show, saying “What is she supposed to do? Just sit there in a corner and not support her boyfriend?”

Eisen also attributed much of the backlash to toxic masculinity, but said that he believes Taylor’s appearances are great for getting more people to watch football.

Famous commentator Stephen A. Smith also took aim directly at Dungy.

“In the case of Tony Dungy, it’s like, come on man, can we stop this, sir? Please, respectfully, please? Love Tony Dungy, love him to death. But you’re blaming Taylor Swift for disinterest in NFL action?”

Many NFL fans are divided over how much the broadcast should be focused on Taylor, but one thing is for sure: if she’s at the upcoming Bills/Chiefs game, she will be on camera.