Taylor Swift has made a big change in her body language according to an expert who noted her fan-girling of new man Travis Kelce had came to an end in recent appearances


From the major sport’s commentators, to hit TV panels and Swifties, everyone has had their input into the most exciting celeb match-up for some time. But it seems as though TayTay’s fan girl era has come to an end.


A body language expert who analysed the star’s latest appearance with those from her early days support her new man claims there has been a “seismic shift” in her approach on match day.

However, that being said, fans don’t have to fear another break up song – not yet at least – with expert Judi James saying she has simply opted for a more “sophisticated” appearance with all eyes remaining firmly on the pair.

Judi told The Mirror: “There is a clear shift of energy and WAG cos-play for Taylor in these two appearances at Kelce’s games.

The early pose does of course show her fan-girling her new man as he won the game and then more in commiseration mode at his more recent losing game, but even the styling tends to suggest a seismic shift in her approach as well as her non-verbal state.