Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Says their ‘Love Life’ Just Took a Major Turn….. Here is Why

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Says their 'Love Life' Just Took a Major Turn..... Here is Why


Taylor Swift’s first leg of her Eras Tour is complete, and she finally has some downtime to enjoy her personal life with boyfriend Travis Kelce before she goes to Japan in February.


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That free time doesn’t mean running back to her New York City home because the Kansas City Chiefs tight end is in the throes of his football season — he supported her in Argentina, and now it’s her turn to support him.

Swift is reportedly going to spend the holiday season ensconced in Kelce’s new Kansas City estate, according to the Daily Mail. His $6 million home affords them all of the privacy that they need to live a relatively “normal” life.

It’s probably the most time they have spent together since they began dating earlier this year — and it could put them to the ultimate love test.

“Taylor’s still smitten with Travis,” a source told the media outlet. “But she realizes that the hard work in their relationship is about to start as they will be spending weeks at a time together. Up until now it has been time snatched as they both have had such busy schedules.”

This big relationship move is going to reveal who is the messiest and who has that annoying habit — all of the little things that happen on a day-to-day basis.

“But now Taylor and Travis can try to be as normal as their lives allow them to be,” the insider added. “They finally have the time and opportunity to spend some for real quality time together.” It’s going to be a magical Christmas season for the lovebirds, who might be an endgame couple. And maybe fans will finally get to see the long-awaited meeting of the parents while everyone hopes for that possible engagement to happen.