Taylor Swift and Beyonce fans rejoice as Ticketmaster and Live Nation are sued for ‘suffocating’ competition

Taylor Swift


Music fans rejoiced at the news of Ticketmaster being sued by the Department of Justice today, with loyal devotees of Taylor Swift and Beyonce leading the celebration.


Taylor Swift

The Justice Department, in a sweeping complaint, accused Live Nation and Ticketmaster of a slew of practices that have allowed it to maintain a stronghold over the industry.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Manhattan by 30 state and district attorneys general along with the DOJ, seeks to break up the ‘monopoly’ that they say is squeezing out smaller promoters and hurting artists.

Because of this, some die-hard fans were unable to afford or even get their hands on The Eras Tour and Renaissance Tour tickets.

But as Swifties know all too well, karma has a way in making things right. Here are all the best memes to come from today’s news.