Social Media Is Destroying Brittany Mahomes After Her Snobbish Gesture Toward Baltimore Stadium Worker Was Caught On Camera After Chiefs’ Win (VIDEO)

Cameras Caught Brittany Mahomes Pulling Off A Sneaky, Brilliant Move At Super Bowl Parade That Has NFL Fans Very Impressed (VIDEO)

Brittany Mahomes is most creative when it comes to upsetting fans.

While Patrick Mahomes is loved around the NFL, it’s way more than can be said for his wife and brother.

Brittany has come under fire via social media following her latest appearance. The NFL WAG is getting slammed for what fans consider to be “high horse” behavior toward a stadium employee following the Chiefs’ victory over the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

The video below shows Brittany walking with Patrick and Jackson then asking a worker “Where do we go from here?” while making a dismissive gesture with her hand.

Check it out:

The clip has drawn several negative comments from users, with some referring to her as a “Karen,” with others criticizing Jackson over the way he walked.

“Is there an over or under on when Patrick will retire,” one wrote in the comments. “I’ll take the over all day, cause no way he want to be home with those two all day everyday”

“It’s the where do we go from here with the finger twirl for me,” another noted.

“Brittany Mahomes is honestly the worst,” wrote another.

This follows a claim from a former barrister at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood who claimed Brittany was very unpleasant during her stay there and did not tip any of the staff.