“Slapped Me Really Hard”:Brittany Mahomes Revealed why she once slap Jackson Mahomes

“Slapped Me Really Hard”:Brittany Mahomes Revealed why she once slap Jackson Mahomes


Jackson Mahomes hasn’t been the recipient of the love and support the NFL world has directed toward’s his brother. As the younger sibling of Patrick Mahomes, one of the most talked about players in the league, one would assume that the familial connection would play a positive role concerning his public perception. However, that is certainly not the case.


“Slapped Me Really Hard”:Brittany Mahomes Revealed why she once slap Jackson Mahomes

Criticism and constant trolling have been a huge part of Jackson Mahomes’ history with the NFL world. Taking issue with the type of content he posts online, he hasn’t been in fans’ best books. But now, the situation has escalated from bad to worse after the emergence of reports of his alleged misbehavior with a woman. And in light of the controversy surrounding the 22-year-old, a video that dates prior to his recent controversy is making its rounds online. Here’s the breakdown of what happened.

Jackson Mahomes is neck-deep in trouble

Jackson Mahomes has been making the news for all the wrong reasons. Reports of the Chiefs QB’s younger brother allegedly assaulting a 19-year-old waiter alongside forcefully kissing a 40-year-old restaurant owner have stirred up people online.

The accusations that have been levied against the Tiktok star are far from negligible. While his lawyer has stated that there is more to the matter than what meets the eye, there’s no doubt that he is neck-deep in trouble. Now, a video of Jackson Mahomes from July 2020 has been making its rounds online in light of his recent legal controversy.

The video featured Jackson Mahomes and fellow TikTok creator, Ashley Newman as they danced together. In the video, Mahomes grabbed Newman by the waist. The latter responded by slapping him across the face. When the 22-year-old reached down to kiss the top of Newman’s head, she slapped him a second time. Mahomes wrote in the video, “@ashleynewman lowkey slapped me rlly [sic] hard.” In light of the recent allegations flung at him, instances like this one don’t serve in Jackson Mahomes’ favor.

In comparison to his brother’s squeaky-clean image, the younger Mahomes’ reputation has declined from bad to worse. So, how is Patrick Mahomes dealing with this situation?

Mahomes may not find redemption any time soon
Basking in the glory of his recent Super Bowl victory, Patrick Mahomes hasn’t shown any public indication of distress concerning his brother’s situation. Currently, the QB has made no attempt to have a say on the matter.

As the allegations leveled at the younger Mahomes continue to be a major topic for discourse, disdain among fans is on the rise. Jackson Mahomes’ relationship with fans in the NFL world may have reached a point of no return, and the redemption of his image has been swept off the table at present.


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