See Kate Beckinsale do her cats Makeup in a new video post,Watch…


Kate Beckinsale is known as a leading actress working in movies and television series. She wears latex and leather as she fights in movies like Underworld and Jolt. She is sweet and romantic in Serendipity. She shines on the Red Carpet as an actress magazines love to follow. However, her 5 million Instagram followers have gotten to know her in their own way as a quirky and flirty woman who loves her pets with all her heart.



Kate Beckinsale frequently posts adorable photos and videos with her two cats (and sometimes her pomeranian). Both she and her pets wear over-the-top outfits and seem to have some rockin’ Friday nights at home to themselves. In a video this past weekend, she shared a sweet moment where she went about doing her makeup and brought her cat in for the fun.

While Kate Beckinsale has two cats (Clive and Willow), it’s Clive who is normally game for her shenanigans. You can see Clive lean into the makeup process in the video below.This seems to be a fairly typical look inside the weekends Kate Beckinsale shares with Clive.


In a previous video from several weeks ago, the cat can be seen watching her get dressed up for a Friday night out while he enjoys some In-N-Out Burger. You can see the video below.


Certainly, hanging out with her pets isn’t all that Kate Beckinsale gets up to, but it is a fun and personal look into her life that she chooses to share with her fans. Outside of the house, Kate Beckinsale is currently a proud mom to her daughter, Lily Sheen. Like her mother and father (Michael Sheen), Lily Sheen is also an actress.


While she’s had some roles in the past, her biggest part yet just hit theaters.Lily Sheen plays Nicolas Cage’s fictional daughter, Addy Cage, in The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent. The movie has Nicolas Cage playing himself opposite Pedro Pascal, as a super fan who has hired Cage to come hang out at his mansion in Mallorca.

While the story with Pedro Pascal’s character takes center stage, a main theme in the story is Cage’s relationship with his daughter, so Lily Sheen gets a fair amount of screentime. Kate Beckinsale shared her pride for her daughter’s latest big role in another recent post.


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