Royal Family: The only two people with a direct phone line to the Queen-check

queen on call


Only one of Her Majesty’s children has made the list! We would all love to just be able to pick up the phone and speak to the Queen, but virtually no one can, not even her closest family. This is down to the huge security risk that could occur if anyone could reach the monarch. With the huge technological advances of recent years, even the Queen is able to have a personal mobile phone that cannot be hacked into as it is said that she has an encrypted personal phone.



According to a royal commentator, Her Majesty uses this device to call just two people – and they are not who you would necessarily expect. As much as we’d all love to be able to have a personal conversation with the Queen, the privilege is reserved for very few people.



A royal expert has claimed that the 95-year-old monarch has her own personal ‘anti-hacker encrypted’ phone and uses it to speak to only two people.



According to royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti, the two lucky people who can gain instant access to the Queen are her daughter Princess Anne and her racing manager, John Warren.Sacerdoti told Royally US:



“Apparently the Queen has two people who she speaks to the most on her phones and she also apparently has a mobile phone which is said to be Samsung packed with anti-hacker encryption by MI6 so nobody can hack into her phone.”



“But the two people she phones the most are said to be her daughter Princess Anne and her racing manager John Warren.” The Queen is known to be incredibly close with Mr Warren and has been seen chatting and laughing with him at events.



Warren is married to the Earl of Carnarvon’s sister, Lady Carolyn Warren, and owns and runs the stud at Highclere Castle – the home that famously doubles as Downton Abbey.Following the exciting news that the Queen had been inducted into the QIPCO British Champions Series Hall of Fame for her dedication to horse breeding, Warren praised the monarch.



He said: “I suspect that the Queen will have a lot of inner pride in being invited into the Hall of Fame. “The Queen’s contribution to racing and breeding derives from a lifelong commitment. Her love of horses and their welfare comes with a deep understanding of what is required to breed, rear, train and ride a thoroughbred.



“Her Majesty’s fascination is unwavering and her pleasure derives from all of her horses – always accepting the outcome of their ability so gracefully.”


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