Royal Family LIVE: “Prince Harry Signs Divorce Papers after Listening to Serena Williams Dirty Confession about Meghan Markle”

With Harry, there’s a reluctant acceptance that this is just who his father is. He would rather have that in his life than to cut it off completely. Hence, when they talk it is often [Harry] reaching out,” Scobie explained. “And I was surprised to learn that even Meghan has some sort of correspondence with Charles, sending over photos of the children, although they’re not directly to him. So there is a willingness there.”

"Meghan Markle Replies Serena Williams: 'I regret Ever overstepping Our boundaries; I should have foreseen the consequences.'" Could She Be Guilty??

Scobie also clarified that nobody in the direct orbit of the palace pays any attention to what Harry does or says. He went as far as saying that his sources considered it all “irritating noise” and “not worth anything anymore.” It’s harsh, but that stiff upper lip is apparently a very real thing in the hallowed halls of Buckingham Palace.