Royal Family LIVE: Kate’s ‘security worry’ – police report reinforces Prince Harry’s claim

kate and harry


KATE, The Duchess of Cambridge’s security is a “constant worry” after a police report listed 170 stalkers, a development that will be doing “no end of good” for Prince Harry, an expert claims. The safety of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family has come under scrutiny after it was revealed that the Royal family were tormented by 170 stalkers in 2021 – 10 of which were considered at the “highest danger level” by the police.



Royal expert Duncan Larcombe told OK!: “Kate’s children’s protection is a constant worry for her but she just has to have faith that they have these expert police officers. Over the years they have altered and upped the security. After the 7/7 bombings in London, the number of protection officers looking after William almost doubled so they do monitor the threat constantly.”


kate and harry

He continued: “This will do Harry no end of good to be able to demonstrate the need for security. These numbers will be based on police intelligence, they’re not just plucked out of the sky. They do re-enforce the fact that Harry is a target whether he’s part of the Royal family or not and so are his children.”


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