Royal Family LIVE: ‘Fiercely protective’ William erupts as Harry poised for announcement

william erupt


PRINCE WILLIAM is “fiercely protective” of his family, it has been revealed as his brother Prince Harry is poised to share a special announcement tonight. The future King, Prince William, has been hailed for his protective streak in defending the Cambridge children. A recent incident proved that the Duke is “fiercely protective” of his family, especially when their privacy is being violated.



Royal commentator Robert Jobson spoke on the True Royalty’s The Royal Beat about when a lurking paparazzi was spotted on a family bike ride. Mr Jobson said: “William went steaming over and really ripped him off and told him what he thought, and the police moved him on. He is fiercely protective of his children and that’s right.” This comes as many are anxiously awaiting an announcement from the Duke of Sussex.

harry announcement


The appearance had been teased earlier today by the programme’s Twitter account, saying the Duke of Sussex was poised to make a “special announcement”. Māori TV tweeted: “Tonight we have an interview with academy award winning actor Wes Studi and a special announcement (not an interview) by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.”


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