Royal Family LIVE: ‘Axe to grind’ Meghan braced for ex-husband to unveil ‘remarkable’ tale

meghan brace up for ex husband


MEGHAN MARKLE is braced for her ex-husband to reveal the “remarkable story” of his relationship with the Duchess in a new tell-all book, a royal expert claims. Tom Bower’s new book is said to be focused on Meghan, and could include her ex-husband Trevor Engelson.



Royal expert Neil Sean believes Mr Engelson could have “an axe to grind” as we “only know her version of events”. Meghan Markle warned her ex-husband will ‘have an axe to grind’ amid incoming release of new tell-all Meghan Markle has been warned about her ex-husband Trevor Engelson, having “some kind of axe to grind” with the upcoming release of a tell-all.

meghan warn ex husband


This claim has been made by royal commentator Neil Sean on his personal YouTube account.
There, he spoke of the possibility of Trevor Engelson being mentioned in Tom Bower’s new book and warned that he may have “an axe to grind” with Meghan Markle.



Mr Sean also referenced Mr Engelson’s potential insights into Meghan Markle and pointed out how, “This particular individual would truly have a remarkable story because, after all, he would have first-hand experience of what it was like, yes what it was like, to be married the first time around to the actress from Suits.”


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