Brittany Mahomes Celebrates Life As NFL Husband Patrick Mahomes Headlines Kansas City Chiefs Revenge

Brittany Mahomes Celebrates Life As NFL Husband Patrick Mahomes Headlines Kansas City Chiefs Revenge


As the Chiefs gear up for some serious revenge business on Sunday, the chief’s wife puts in some prep time too. NFL fans recently caught a glimpse of Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany getting her mane tamed by a celebrity hairstylist. She opened up a chain of conversation with her millions of followers on Instagram as she waited for her stylist to work her magic into a transformative makeover.


Brittany Mahomes is no stranger to living a social life and never fails to keep her fans and followers updated through posts, stories, and the occasional “ask me a question” line of conversions. But her hyperactiveness on social media aided by her energetic personality has often drawn negative comments, which the young mother of two shut down with finess.

Brand new locks for Brittany Mahomes

Brittany has always sported luscious golden locks but on her recent visit to celebrity hairstylist Laurabeth Cabott, she decided to get a fresh new cut and dyed her hair beige-blonde. She subsequently shared a picture of her makeover on her Instagram story amidst a series of questions she had answered for her followers.

She had encouraged her followers to ask her questions while waiting at the salon, which resulted in a string of questions ranging from future plans, fashion and haircare products, foldable strollers, advice, appreciation, and interesting personal questions.

A few interesting questions asked included someone asking, “what’s a funny habit that patrick has?” to which she replied, “Eat Doritos every night in bed every night.” Or some asking her, “Can you go out to eat or grocery shop like regular? Or do you need to make special arrangements?” Brittany answered,” I can by myself. But with Patrick we have to make special arrangements anywhere we go.”

Brittany’s interaction with her fans and followers has not always been pleasant. While there have been words of apparition and congratulations abundance, there have been considerable bouts of hurling insults included.

Brittany and her cyber challenges
In episode 1946 of his podcast, Joe Rogan went on to say “Oh Jesus… the problem is, they keep that same energy when you get divorced. They come after you with that same energy.” with reference to Brittany’s energy. This came as a response to Shane Gillis’ comment, “…His brother that does TikToks and his annoying wife that screams – everyone hates on them and it actually makes me happy.”

Three days later, Brittany posted a cryptic message on Twitter, which was perceived as a response to Rogan’s comment: “There’s something really odd about grown men talking negatively about someone’s wife.” She followed it up with a second tweet that stated, “In fact, grown men displaying hatred towards women in general is quite pathetic.”

Brittany Mahomes faced a significant wave of criticism, particularly in January 2022, when she sprayed champagne from her suite into the stands at Arrowhead Stadium. In a tweet, she expressed her desire to pursue her own choices without facing constant backlash, stating, “I simply wish I could follow my preferences without being subjected to criticism every week.”

Being a mother of two and the wife of a celebrated quarterback can get difficult as there is so much pressure pooling in from everywhere. But the 27-year-old has successfully maneuvered through the negative comments and continues to be the best version of herself- always smiling and letting her infectious energy spread, unapologetically.


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