Real reason ‘Harry fears Queen needs ‘protection’ is down to ANDREW’

Harry, Andrew, Queen


PRINCE Andrew is the reason Harry fears the Queen needs protection, Buckingham Palace aides reportedly believe. The Duke of Sussex, 37, was furious at seeing his disgraced uncle walking by Her Majesty’s side at Prince Philip’s memorial, it was claimed.



Harry told NBC on Wednesday how he wants to “protect” the Queen by ensuring she has the “right people” around her. A Palace source told the Mirror: “Those images of Prince Andrew escorting the Queen to Westminster Abbey may have upset Harry, which is now believed to be one of the reasons he made such an astonishing remark.


Andrew, harry and Queen

“Harry is familiar with the Queen’s aides and there is no animosity at all. “The Palace were aware he might do an interview, but no one was expecting those sorts of comments. “He seemed to be implying he had concerns over the Queen’s safety. “There is a feeling this may be linked to Andrew who has grown quite close to his mother in recent months.”


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