Prince Williams Set to divorce Kate Middleton amid her health case….say “She’s the major reason for the royal family dispute”

Prince Williams Set to divorce Kate Middleton amid her health case....say

Yesterday, MSN tweeted an article stating, “Prince William and Kate Middleton separate as Duchess moves out with children.” The tweet remains up; the article has been taken down; and the entire situation has sparked rumors that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage is in trouble.

But the Prince and Princess of Wales just shut down any rumors of marriage issues with three simple words in their latest statement.

When Kate initially made her cancer announcement, many people gave the princess some grace despite that there had been some PR mistakes made throughout the last month or two. Plenty of social media users around the globe wished the princess well during her treatment and recovery. However, some harsh social media critics felt that William’s absence was a sign that he and Catherine were secretly separated (rumors that the two couldn’t seem to shake despite that she mentioned her husband in her cancer announcement).

But a recent statement from the couple, which came through Kensington Palace, seemingly ended the separation or divorce rumors with three simple words: “Her Royal Highness.”

“The Prince and Princess are both enormously touched by the kind messages from people here in the U.K., across the Commonwealth and around the world in response to Her Royal Highness’ message,” part of the statement read, per Vanity Fair.

By royal rules, if Kate and William were secretly divorced, the princess would not be allowed to use the term “Her Royal Highness.” That three-word namesake is reserved strictly for working royals; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were forced to give up their His and Her Royal Highness titles when they stepped back from their roles in 2020.

Even after Kate made the announcement, there were still internet trolls who suggested the root cause of her absence was her marriage; people on Twitter even mentioned that the Princess’ official statement should have referred to her as Her Royal Highness, which it didn’t. It almost feels like Kensington Palace referred to the princess in such a way so as to officially squash the marriage rumors.

For now, Kate has requested further privacy as she navigates her cancer treatment. She did not mention a date for return to royal duties, and it’s possible she doesn’t have one. Much of the world is wishing her well and hoping that she has a speedy recovery for her children’s sake.