Disheartening ‘Prince Harry revealed sad news about son Archie

'Unforgiving' Meghan Markle has created 'sad' time for Archie, Lilibet


Meghan Markle kids are being deprived of love and affection amid her rift with father Thomas Markle.


The Duchess of Sussex, who is not on amicable terms with her father, has created a ‘sad’ situation for her kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Expert Jennie Bond says: “[He] clearly has been a fool to himself and a fool to the world when he was taken for a ride with those photos before the wedding,” she told new magazine.

Jennie added: “Despite the fact he keeps going on television – which is quite literally the worst possible thing he could do – I mean, he should realise that this is the one way to drive Meghan further away. I feel very sad that a father who is clearly very frail is having to say things like ‘she is mourning me’ and ‘I won’t let her bury me while I’m alive’.”

Speaking about Thomas’s recent interview about daughter Meghan and his yearning for grand children, Jennie added: “When he said, ‘Please can I get to know my grandchildren? That’s the point where you feel very sad for Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet because it is possible that they’ll never know their grandfather and that is real deprivation,” she told the publication.

“Harry and Meghan are depriving their children of knowing their blood relatives, so I’m just mystified about how Meghan can be so unforgiving to her father. She and Harry talk so much about kindness and love, but it just doesn’t seem to extend to their own families.” she noted.


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