Prince Harry And Prince William Have A Step-Sibling That No One Really Talks About-Check

Prince Harry And Prince William Step-Sibling


The royal family was plagued by scandal after scandal. Diana and Charles split up and then got divorced. Of course, this piece of news did not please a lot of people. However, there was more to come. In 2005, people found out that Charles was getting back together with Camilla.



They were not only going out on dates. No, they wanted to get married too! It means that his sons would get a new stepmom. The public was dubious if she could replace Princess Diana. The royal family had a different issue with it, but they pulled together in the end. Charles was clearly happy with Camilla, which made his sons happy.


Tom Parker Bowles

“She’s not the wicked stepmother,” Harry said back in 2005. He went on, “William and I love her to bits.” The public also came to accept her over the years. She was not the only person to join the royal family. Everyone was so focused on Camilla that they failed to notice that the royal family gained two more members: her kids. One of them shied away from the attention, while the other stepped into it.



Tom Parker Bowles, Camilla’s son, is a food critic and writer who has released numerous books in the past. Perhaps you also saw him on Masterchef and The F-Word. Let us now talk about his sister. His sister is called Laura Lopes. Unlike him, she does her best to avoid the spotlight. While she has attended Royal Weddings in the past, she prefers to simply remain in the shadows.


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