Pregnant Gisele Bündchen spark controversy as Tom Brady unveils long time secret

Pregnant Gisele Bündchen spark controversy as Tom Brady unveils Long time secret


Gisele Bundchen, who is one of the world’s top models, revived her career after separating from NFL legend Tom Brady. She reclaimed her supermodel status and also added luxurious properties to her expensive real estate profile.


Pregnant Gisele Bündchen spark controversy as Tom Brady unveils Long time secret

Bundchen bought a cozy piece of property in Miami. She snagged a mansion for $11 million, which is very close to where her ex-husband resides. The supermodel did so to be closer to her children, whom she co-parents with the former quarterback.

The mansion is under renovation, and recently, the Brazilian model paid a visit to the site, 10 months after she got a divorce. She wore a white tank top and baggy jeans and drove her Mercedez-Benz G-Wagon to the location. Gisele Bundchen also carried her popular Chanel purse, which she has owned since the 1990s.

Gisele Bündchen’s residence occupies an 18,400-square-foot waterfront property. As per the property listing, it boasts of 25-foot ceilings, multiple terraces, and scenic views of a spacious waterway. The house comprises five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Gisele Bundchen appeared on Elle France’s ‘Special Mode’ Issue
As mentioned previously, Gisele Bundchen revived her career, which had never really died down in the first place. But it was her wish to take on more modelling gigs and work on extensive projects.

The magazine Elle France announced that the 46-year-old supermodel would appear in their latest issue. It was a treat to many fans’ eyes as she donned various styles of attire.

The images were captured by Chris Coll, who did an impressive job of bringing out her fierce yet cheerful side. In the first cover, she was styled in brown leather Loewe boots, which were slouchy and had an almond-shaped toe. Her boots were paired with a full ensemble by Miu Miu.

In the second cover, Gisele Bundchen smiled radiantly and donned an all-black Alaïa bodysuit. The bodysuit sat high on her hips and had a turtleneck and long sleeves.


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