pregnant Gisele Bündchen Apologize to her Kid’s after shocking news about their dad Tom

pregnant Gisele Bündchen Apologize to her Kid's after shocking announcement about their dad Tom


An ex-wife’s genuine concerns for her QB husband? Or was it just an overt decision to force an early retirement? A past statement made by a leading NFL player’s ex-wife has left fans divided. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen were a loving couple and were together for 13 years.


pregnant Gisele Bündchen Apologize to her Kid's after shocking announcement about their dad Tom

During the couple’s years of togetherness, Tom Brady was still playing NFL at the top level. He had a few niggles but was a crucial member of the Patriots and later on for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Being a devoted wife, the Brazilian model Bündchen was concerned about her husband’s concussions. In a six-year-old interview that’s once again doing rounds on social media. Bündchen questions the need for aggression that comes at the cost of creating health hazards.

How Gisele’s concerns shaped Brady’s retirement

Tom Brady is the crowned legend of the NFL. He’s the 7X SB champion, the former quarterback from whom opposition defenses were afraid! The 5X SB MVP while he was still playing for the Patriots, raised concerns that his ex-wife wanted him to retire. An old interview featuring Gisele when the couple were together has resurfaced on the Internet.

The host interjected the controversial question “Your husband said the other day, that you wanted him to retire.” The model replied “As a wife ….he had a concussion last year. I mean he has concussions pretty much. I mean we don’t talk about but he does have concussions and I don’t think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go like..” Bündchen defended her ex-husband’s early retirement question on the basis of genuine concerns. Well, that’s in the past, the present day Gisele is moving forth in her modeling career.

Gisele Bündchen on “Elle France’s” cover page

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for Tom Brady’s ex-beau. Now with the Tom Brady saga behind her, the model is making giant strides in her professional career. Recently, the VH1 Vogue Awardee was featured in Elle’s France “Special Mode” issue. The 43-year-old was roped in for the cover page and she didn’t disappoint. One of the cover pages showed Bundchen in brown leather Loewe boots with a high-ankled relaxed fit.

Moreover, from the cover pages that revealed the model’s legs. It seems like the blonde star is taking her gym regimen seriously, evident through her toned quads and tibialis muscles. Another shot raised the oomph factor with Gisele wearing black leather boots paired with a leather jacket. Ideal for the fall months, the shoot was captured by photographer Chris Colls. It also featured the star’s toned lower body.

The accusations can be rough on partners. When Gisele and Brady were together, it was the ex-wife’s love and concern for her husband. Therefore, an early retirement was for her former husband’s health and longevity.


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