Piers Morgan offers rare support to Prince Harry, Meghan over Prince Andrew

Piers Morgan help meghan and Harry


Piers Morgan has admitted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, perhaps, don’t deserve the acid-laced criticism they receive as much as Prince Andrew does for his sex scandal, reported Express UK. Talking to royal editor Katie Nicholl and socialite Lady Colin Campbell on his TalkTV show Uncensored, Morgan skewered Prince Andrew for trying to ‘weasel’ his way back into public life as a royal.



He said: “Is Prince Andrew trying to weasel his way back into the Royal Family and public? This does grate on me, I have to say.” Morgan then went on a rant calling out the Duke of York’s recent shady actions, saying: “I think if you’re going to pay a woman a rumoured $11million to make a sex abuse case go away, having said you’re going to fight it all the way to clear your name and then you just cave – I don’t think you’re entitled to just slither back into public life.”

Piers Morgan help meghan and Harry


He then went on to state that Megxit ‘pales in comparison’ to Prince Andrew’s scandals in a rare moment of him supporting Meghan and Harry. “I do think that, for example, we give Meghan and Harry a hard time.



I think justifiably, in most cases, but what they’ve done, to be honest, pales into insignificance in my opinion, to a senior member of the Royal Family paying millions of dollars to make a sex abuse case go away,” he said. For the unversed, Morgan has been a fiercely outspoken critic of the Sussexes ever since they stepped down from their role as senior royals and relocated to the US.


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