Patrick Mahomes, wife, Brittany’s couple’s quiz goes viral after misfire

Patrick Mahomes, wife, Brittany's couple's quiz goes viral after misfire


Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have been together seemingly forever, but the NFL power couple proved recently that even high school sweethearts could misfire on occasion.


Patrick Mahomes, wife, Brittany's couple's quiz goes viral after misfire

The couple’s segment with GQ Magazine from last month went viral across social media over the weekend. The two took part in the outlet’s couple’s quiz, and the two seemed to be pretty in sync until Patrick asked his wife about what his favorite cheat meal was.

“Fried chicken,” Brittany said confidently.

Patrick said, “No.” Brittany then guessed, “Chicken fried steak.” Again, the answer was wrong. Patrick said it was “Mexican food, especially the Tex Mex.”

However, it was Brittany’s response that faced some social media mocking.

The Shade Room added on Instagram: “#PatrickMahomes and his wife #BrittanyMahomes are a trending topic after a clip from their month old GQ Couples Quiz interview is going viral. When Patrick asked his wife what his favorite cheat meal was, her answer was ‘fried chicken.'”

The Mahomes’ relationship was put into the spotlight in the Netflix series “Quarterback.”

The Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback said he and Brittany met in seventh and eighth grade. Patrick said Brittany was a grade above him, but he was stuck in the “friend zone.”

“I was like the best friend, in the friend zone forever,” he said. “I used to walk her to class and was trying to flirt. When I was a sophomore in high school, and she was a junior, I actually got her a rose and I was kinda, like, I had a crush on her. But I was giving the rose as a joke, but kind of a quotation ‘joke.’”

Brittany said Patrick thought it was a joke, but she did not take it like that.

“I thought it was the cutest thing in the world,” she said. “And then everyone at our lunch table started chanting, ‘Kiss him, kiss him!’ and made it really awkward ‘cause we were ‘just friends.’ That’s kind of what started it and I thought it was cute.…

“So they were chanting and I thought it was kind of awkward, and it was funny and then we just kind of… I was like, ‘OK, this guy is actually kind of cute. Maybe I do like him.’ So then we just started talking and then started dating.”


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