Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Help ‘Chicken N Pickle’ Secure $10000000 For National Expansion Plans

Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Help 'Chicken N Pickle' Secure $10000000 For National Expansion Plans


The duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce has been a major success on the football field. However, as they gear up for yet another anticipated season with the Kansas City Chiefs, their entrepreneurial moves off the field are also making a lot of buzz. In fact, they are now trying to gain popularity in the culinary world with Chicken N Pickle.


The star quarterback and tight end have teamed up to contribute to the sensational success story of Chicken N Pickle. It is a thriving restaurant and sports bar. With their shared investment, Mahomes and Kelce have enabled Chicken N Pickle to secure an impressive $10,000,000 in funding. This is a move set to fuel the restaurant’s ambitious expansion plans on a national scale.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce Team Up to Support Chicken N Pickle
Chicken N Pickle is trying to bank on an innovative experience that combines dining, sports, and entertainment. Their president Kelli Alldredge said, “I could never have predicted the growth and boom we’ve seen over the last few years.” Currently covering the area around Kansas City, they are now thinking big in terms of spreading their wings even further.

Helping them on their mission of a nationwide expansion plan, the Kansas City Chiefs duo – Kelce and Mahomes helped them to raise a $10 million investment. This will add to their already impressive portfolio. Apart from Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, the innovative diner has the support of about 30 investors. As per Kansas City Star, talking about the support from the Chiefs duo, Alldredge said,

“They’ve both spent time at our properties here in Kansas City going back several years. They’re real competitors, and it’s always great to have them come out and play. I don’t think there’s one person in this group of investors that doesn’t have personal experience with Chicken N Pickle and really love our company.”

With Mahomes and Kelce providing their helping hands, the nationwide expansion plan of Chicken N Pickle is already looking like a ‘Touchdown’.

“Eatertainment” Revolution: Chicken N Pickle Infuse Unique Dining and Leisure Model
Chicken N Pickle is rewriting the script on dining and entertainment. They are trying to strike a balance with a unique fusion of sports, leisure, and culinary delight. The brand’s innovative approach is termed as “eatertainment,” and has taken the market by storm. They have incorporated elements like yard games, sports bars, fast-casual dining, and the trendy sport of pickleball. The establishment has seven thriving “eatertainment” complexes already established across various cities.

What sets Chicken N Pickle apart is its commitment to providing a distinctive experience with each location designed as a premier pickleball entertainment destination. They attract roughly 650,000 annual visitors and generate about 180 local jobs per facility. Director of real-estate and expansion Garrett Stutz says,

“Chicken N Pickle is committed to remaining the best-in-class pickleball entertainment destination as we expand nationally, without sacrificing our personal touch and local connection in each market.”

As the brand expansion continues, it retains its distinct charm while captivating new communities with what can be called – one-of-a-kind approach to dining and leisure.


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