Patrick Mahomes took the most attention revealing why son is special and God sent

Patrick Mahomes took the most attention revealing why son is special and God sent


Brittany Mahomes’ latest Instagram story has had fans of her and Patrick Mahomes gushing and guessing.


In a new Instagram Story she posted on Friday, the wife of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback showed her children Sterling Skye and Patrick Lavon III aka “Bronze” enjoying family time. In one shot, Sterling is shown hugging her younger sibling Bronze while inside a gym:

Another shows Sterling slumped and asleep while sitting on a pick chair, her head resting on a gray pillow with the following caption:

I feel ya girl



Another has Bronze smiling while lying on Brittany’s lap with the following caption:

Meanwhile my boy just chugging 90 oz of milk line its nothing over here (cry/laugh emoji)

But the images that took the most attention were those of Patrick Mahomes himself. In these two pictures, he is seen hoverboarding while holding Sterling:

What have Patrick and Brittany Mahomes said about their son Bronze?
Ever since his birth in November, Patrick Lavon Mahomes III, aka Bronze, has been something of a hidden cast member of his family. He has been mostly invisible in Brittany’s Instagram posts, especially her stories, but it is understandable given his tender age of six months.

Speaking to KCMG, Patrick Mahomes said on his son’s birth:

“It’s awesome to bring in a son — and to add to my family.”
Last month, Brittany revealed via that Bronze’s conception had not been planned (he was actually conceived on their wedding day) and was therefore not easy:

“Bronze. … Got induced at 39 weeks 3 days. … Water partially broke that morning anyways. … By 12pm Dr. fully broke the rest of my water was already dilated to a 4 & started pitocin. … Got the epidural at 1:30ish. … Started pushing at 5pm. … Pushed for 7 min, and he was here. … His cord was wrapped around his neck 2 times, and thankfully didn’t effect anything, and he was fine.”


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