Patrick Mahomes lacks Tom Brady’s drive and doesn’t care as much about winning, says Jason Whitlock – who blames the QB and Travis Kelce for the Chiefs having a ‘mediocre season’

Conservative talk show host and commentator Jason Whitlock believes Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes lacks Tom Brady’s drive and doesn’t care about winning as much as the seven-time Super Bowl champion did.

‘I wanted to say this about Patrick Mahomes, what we’re finding out, talented, Hall of Fame quarterback, going to go down in history as one of the top-10 quarterbacks, maybe top-5 of all time. But he does not have Tom Brady’s drive,’ Whitlock said.

‘Winning isn’t as important to him as it was for Tom Brady,’ Whitlock continued. ‘… The Chiefs and Mahomes are a bit satisfied. Pat Mahomes is in any commercial he wants to be in, he’s got two MVPs, two Super Bowls. He doesn’t have a peer.’

‘Take Brady, he was always competing with Peyton Manning,’ Whitlock stated. ‘Who is Patrick Mahomes competing with? Nobody. Patrick Mahomes isn’t Tom Brady. He’s not Tiger Woods. He’s not Michael Jordan.’

Whitlock also mentioned how Mahomes is having a ‘mediocre season’ and ‘he’s got some excuses’ with Tyreek Hill no longer being a Chief.

Whitlock wasn’t just throwing shots at Mahomes, with Travis Kelce also getting some attention.

‘His tight end is a bit distracted right now,’ Whitlock said of Kelce.

Kelce’s celebrity profile has skyrocketed since the end of September since being romantically linked to Taylor Swift.

Kelce has 813 yards for the season for the Chiefs and is the fastest tight end to 11,000 yards in the NFL history.

The Chiefs have wobbled lately and lost last weekend to the Packers but are still only one game out of first place in a crowded AFC playoff picture.

Mahomes has five less Super Bowls than Brady, and because of some minor turbulence this season, Whitlock decided to question his character.