Patrick Mahomes’ bond with childhood friends remains unbreakable”Good Friends Are Hard To Find”

Patrick Mahomes’ bond with childhood friends remains unbreakable


WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KETK) — For Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, some of his closest friends remain those from back in the days when they were all growing up in the small Texas town of Whitehouse.


Patrick Mahomes’ bond with childhood friends remains unbreakable

“All for one and for all” may be the best way to describe the friendship Mahomes maintains with the friends he grew up with.

KETK-TV spoke with three of Mahomes’ friends who agree their friendship continues to grow stronger over the years — even with unprecedented success and fame that Mahomes, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, has achieved.

Ryan Cheatham, Coleman Patterson and Jake Parker all caught passes from Mahomes as Whitehouse Wildcats but their relationships started long before that.



Patrick Mahomes’ bond with childhood friends remains unbreakable

“It seem like a lot of people are astonished by, you know, the, the type of friendship that we have and you know, how much we care for each other,” said Cheatham. “But to us, I think, you know, we made that decision a long time ago. We decided that, you know, we were going to be friends and that we were going to have each other’s backs, you know, through the thick and thin.”

Even with the pandemic, tight security, mitigation protocols, and limited attendance, all three will be at the Super Bowl in Tampa cheering Mahomes on, just like they did last year.

Mahomes’ friends are proud, but not surprised, that he has become one of the league’s best players.

“Yeah, and it’s kind of a hard feeling to describe, but you know, it, it (his success) almost seems normal at this point,” said Patterson.

“So proud of him and so grateful for him to be my friend and to continue down this road. And, you know, I plan on being there for him, through it all,” added Cheatham.

They say they knew from the beginning that friendships would last forever.

“That’s just kind of where we’re from and the community that we grew up in and the people that we are around and know we had that friendship That’s going to last a long time,” said Patterson. “And, you know, to see Patrick in a position like this and want to involve some of his best friends speaks volumes to who he is and the type of people that shaped and molded us.”

Their inseparable bonds were forged by spending time together as kids in a small town.

“I just think he just remembers when we were with each other, every single day, almost every single hour, in high school and growing up,” said Parker. “And even though we’re all doing different things in our lives and are away from each other, I think it’s just the reason we’re just, just as strong or stronger.”

They continue to be there for one another.

“It’s just because of that trust. And, you know he knows through whatever that he can always come back to us and call us and text us,” Parker said. “It’s just like, just like when we were growing up.”

Mahomes’ famous work ethic is shared by his friends.

“It makes you want to try to be a better person, day in and day out yourself,” Cheatham said. “The level of success that he’s had makes you want to strive to do better things in your life and help other people in other ways. And he’s been able to help take us along on the ride,” said Patterson.

Parker remembers when they were all kids watching Tom Brady play in previous Super Bowls. “And now Patrick’s about to be in the Super Bowl and take down Tom Brady,” Parker commented.

Parker said Mahomes and his other friends encouraged him when he decided to return to playing football at Howard Payne University after taking two years away from the game and from college.

“They’ve always backed me up, told me not always what I wanted to hear, maybe what I needed to hear, but in this situation they just kind of gave me a positive impact to go back. And now I’m going back. I have a game (to play) Feb. 6, and then I’m flying to Tampa (for the Super Bowl) the next day,” Parker explained.

Cheatham said that when he was a pitcher on the national championship baseball teams at Tyler Junior College and then the University of Texas at Tyler, Mahomes was often in stands cheering him on.

Cheatham says it means a lot him that even though Mahomes had other things to do “he still chose to do it (be at the games) because he wants to be there and to support me and to see me succeed.”

“I wish that I could, you know, say ‘thank you’ 1,000 times to him,” Cheatham said.

Mahomes friends’ said it has been challenging this year to see him play and spend time together because of COVID-19.

“We still got to spend some personal time together, but obviously things were a little bit different this year,” said Patterson. “But anytime that we’re always together, or when our friends can be together, (its) good times.”

They also respect Mahomes for choosing to speak up on issues that matter to him.


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