NFL World Not Happy With Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Today

NFL World Not Happy With Patrick Mahomes' Wife Today

Every NFL fan base likes to complain about the officiating, especially when your team is losing.

But when you’re married to the best quarterback in the league, your comments are going to stand out.

Sunday afternoon, the Chiefs are losing to the Bengals, 14-3. Brittany Mahomes, the wife of the Chiefs star quarterback, is not happy.

“I mean at this point it’s just a joke. We can never catch a break,” she wrote on Twitter.

Brittany even shared a photoshopped image of a referee in Bengals gear on Sunday afternoon. The NFL is not going to like that very much, that’s for sure.

Still, the NFL world isn’t very sympathetic. 

NFL fans are not happy with her.

“Once again @Chiefs fans blaming everyone but their team. The only joke is #ChiefsKingdom fanbase,” one fan wrote.

“Third least penalized team in the NFL can’t catch a break. Cry,” one fan added.

“That’s what happens when you’re # 1 in the afc babe. Oh well. Bring it,” another fan wrote.

Chiefs fans, meanwhile, seem to be in agreement with her on Sunday afternoon.

“The refs might as well be wearing Tiger stripes,” one fan added.

The Chiefs are trailing the Bengals by 11 points on Sunday afternoon. The premier AFC showdown is airing on CBS.


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