NFL World Reacts To Patrick Mahomes’ Wife’s Accusation

NFL World Reacts To Patrick Mahomes' Wife's Accusation


It’s been a surprisingly rough game for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs against the lowly Houston Texans today. But Mahomes’ wife is having her own issues with the game right now.


NFL World Reacts To Patrick Mahomes' Wife's Accusation

Mahomes has been getting the hell beaten out of him by the Texans defense today and some of the hits have bordered on being especially nasty. Brittany Mahomes is taking special exception to that.

“I’m tired of the dirty hits,” she tweeted. And she’s not the only one who feels that way.

Mahomes’ tweet is going viral with over 2,400 likes and 150 retweets over the past hour. Fans on Twitter are commiserating with her, stating how much they agree with the sentiment.

Patrick Mahomes has been his usual, dominant self on offense, completing over 85-percent of his passes through the first three quarters and scoring two touchdowns as of the fourth.

But the defense is really struggling as the Texans have scored 21 points – their second-highest total since Week 5.

Mahomes needs to put the Texans away quickly if they want to avoid seeing this game go down to the wire. Unfortunately, the offensive line and the officials aren’t doing him too many favors at the moment.

The game is being played on CBS.


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