NFL Fans School Patrick Mahomes After $450M QB Confesses on Social Media, Following Incident

NFL Fans School Patrick Mahomes After $450M QB Confesses on Social Media, Following Incident


Patrick Mahomes is fortunate to have a valuable tool and some grammar lessons to reflect upon after Monday night. Despite his standout performance against the Detroit Lions, the Chiefs narrowly lost the game with a score of 20-21 at Arrowhead Stadium. As they gear up for the next game in Week 2, the young GOAT and his team Kansas City Chiefs are determined to address their situation and avoid repeating the same mistakes.


Perhaps that’s why the Chiefs have taken the proactive step of signing a one-year deal with their key player, Chris Jones. By resolving Jones’ holdout, the Chiefs aim to strengthen their performance for the rest of the season. Similarly, Patrick Mahomes’ incident in a grammar lesson may save him from any backlash in the future.

Patrick Mahomes hates Aaron Rodgers?

Patrick Mahomes sent out a pair of tweets that quickly went viral. The news that Aaron Rodgers‘ debut for the New York Jets ended within four minutes of “Monday Night Football” due to an ankle injury against the Buffalo Bills had the entire NFL world eagerly awaiting updates on Rodgers’ condition. During this waiting period, Mahomes decided to provide some entertainment for the fans by posting his reaction to Rodgers’ injury shortly after it happened. However, there was a minor issue with his initial tweet as it lacked proper punctuation, leading to some confusion.

In his first tweet, the 27-year-old wrote, “Hate that man. . . praying for the best.” Realizing the error, Mahomes promptly edited the post to read, “Hate that, man. . . praying for the best.” It was clear that Mahomes does not actually hate A-Rod. Acknowledging his mistake, Mahomes humbly followed up with another tweet, “Knew i was going to need that edit button on here one of these days 🤣,” as Twitter fortunately introduced the ‘edit’ feature option last year.

Fans found this amusing and also appreciated the lesson in humility from Mahomes.

For fans, it’s about the punctuation!
Considering Aaron Rodgers’ injury, the player’s highly anticipated return this season, has led to an unfortunate start. However, Mahomes could only offer his sympathy and prayers to A-Rod, provided he’s careful with his punctuation. This incident and the grammatical comments from fans are likely to serve as a reminder of the $450 million QB’s typos, as one fan humorously pointed out, “Punctuation is vital 😂.”

Another fan chimed in, “Commas matter 😂.”

Someone added a playful touch, commenting, “Almost as bad as “Let’s eat grandma””

One fan remarked, “commas make the world go ‘round 🤣🤣”

With humor, someone joked, “Laughing at Rodgers injury is crazy Patrick.”

Another fan wrote, “I had to read it twice, but the first was the best version 😂.”

Apart from the entertainment value for fans, Patrick Mahomes is fortunate to have access to an edit feature option on social media. It’s safe to say that this feature was made with him in mind!


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