NFL Beg’s Modest Patrick Mahomes To Not Fall For The Same Trap Tom Brady Did

NFL Beg's Modest Patrick Mahomes To Not Fall For The Same Trap Tom Brady Did


Although Tom Brady has retired, his legacy cannot be questioned or matched by anyone else. Even the best quarterbacks in the NFL are constantly compared with the GOAT. On the other hand, Patrick Mahomes has achieved more than any other active player in the league. It’s not very unusual for someone to compare Mahomes with Brady or even expect Mahomes to follow in Brady’s footsteps. But the experts think otherwise.


NFL Beg's Modest Patrick Mahomes To Not Fall For The Same Trap Tom Brady Did

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is expected to have lucrative contracts and a considerable amount of opportunities. But Mahomes has been following the same route that set Brady in a rat trap, and the experts are furious.

Patrick Mahomes should know what he’s worth

Pat Mahomes’ contract with the Chiefs was detrimental to the team’s future. The 10-year contract extends to 2031, keeping Mahomes tied to the team. Max Kellerman and Kimberley Martin broke down the whole contract issue of Mahomes in a podcast named “KJM” on ESPN. Kellerman discussed how the Chiefs will try to keep Mahomes under a certain amount of money so that they can bring in other players with the remaining cap, the same way the Patriots did for Brady.



Kimberly, on the other hand, urged Mahomes to take a bigger and better deal and not repeat Brady’s mistake. She hopes that the Chiefs agree to Mahomes’ restructured deal cause he is the best quarterback in the league right now. She quoted, “This is what every team wants, that guy!” Both the hosts agreed that any team is willing to take Mahomes and build a team around him, so the Chiefs must agree to a deal that Mahomes wishes.

Despite being the best quarterback in the NFL, Brady was paid almost half of the top-paid quarterbacks in the league while playing for the Patriots. It was beneficial for the team, but not for Brady. That’s the reason why these experts are pleading with Mahomes not to repeat the same mistake. But a crucial question remains.



What does Mahomes want?
Mahomes recently explained in an interview that, even though he wants the best for himself, he is willing to make sacrifices for the team. He also added that he doesn’t wanna hurt other quarterbacks by revamping his deal constantly. He further said that he values his legacy more than money.

In Conclusion, Mahomes has achieved so much in a short period. He has won the Super Bowl 2 times in the last 6 seasons. Mahomes was also awarded the MVP title two times. It’s obvious that he will follow in Brady’s footsteps as he values legacy more than money. But as he is the most valued player in the league right now, the Chiefs should consider a restructured deal so that Mahomes stays happy.


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