NFL addresses Crucial controversy about Chiefs – lions

NFL analyst addresses referees' missed calls on Kansas City Chiefs season opener fiasco


The Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes suffered a loss on their opening game against the Detroit Lions, even when analyst Pete King claims they had help from the officials as they did not make the right calls regarding Jawaan Taylor’s false starts.


NFL analyst addresses referees' missed calls on Kansas City Chiefs season opener fiasco

The reigning NFL champions missed Travis Kelce and Chris Jones, two of Mahomes’ supporters on the field, and could not defeat the Lions even when having home-field advantage.

Jawaan Taylor’s false starts
Even with the loss, the NFL analyst claims that the referees should have paid more attention to Jawaan Taylor who was constantly out of his position and should’ve been flagged with multiple false starts.

King brought the topic to the table after the game “Here’s the thing. I think I know how the officiating department works on their training tape next week. The officials are going to be warned, and they are going to tell officials, ‘Look, the right tackle, first of all, is lined too far back.’

According to Sportskeeda, King elaborated “That was clear the whole night. And, you know, the announcer said it. Chris said it on the air. And also, Terry said it. And I think when you see that happen, and it keeps happening, if the official didn’t call it 3 minutes into the game, how does he call it 43 minutes into the game?”

Who are the Chiefs playing next?
Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs will face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, September 17th when they travel to Florida to try and earn themselves the first victory of the season.

It is expected that Travis Kelce is ready to return, however, Chris Jones’s appearance is not yet confirmed.


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