New- Joe Burrow Indicates Interest In Taylor swift after her recent ‘COOL’guy tweets

New- Joe Burrow Indicates Interest In Taylor swift after her recent 'COOL'guy tweets


Taylor Swift will be performing at the Bengals stadium in a few weeks, and some may want to know: is the city’s star quarterback a Swiftie?


New- Joe Burrow Indicates Interest In Taylor swift after her recent 'COOL'guy tweets

Joe Burrow talked with reporters on Tuesday after the first day of the Bengals’ mandatory minicamp and was asked if he plans to attend Taylor Swift’s concert at Paycor.

“I have a lot of respect for what Taylor Swift has done with her career. I can’t say that I’m listening to too much Taylor Swift on the speakers and the headphones. I know a lot of people that are, but that’s just not me. I’ve heard that the tour is a lot of fun, maybe I’ll stop by,” Burrow said.

“I’ve heard the tour is a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll stop by.” Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow discusses Taylor Swift ahead of her upcoming concert in Cincinnati.

So what does Burrow listen to?

“I’ll listen to some indie, hip hop, pop, I’ll listen to just about anything but country, not a country guy,” Burrow said.

Burrow has made headlines before for his pre-game playlists, including music from Ohio native Kid Cudi, who named a song after him.

Burrow was also asked about some off-the-field projects, including setting sights on a new venture in farming.

“Try to diversify that portfolio, you know,” Burrow said Tuesday.

New York-based Patricof Co. is facilitating the purchase. A spokesperson for the company confirmed details of the deal first reported by Front Office Sports to WLWT’s sister station, KCCI, in Iowa. He told KCCI the group of two dozen athletes includes Joe Burrow and Sam Hubbard of the Cincinnati Bengals, Blake Griffin of the Boston Celtics, and Kevin Gausman of the Toronto Blue Jays.

The farm, according to the spokesperson, is located in northern Iowa. He declined to provide any more detail on the location but said the 104-acre piece of land will be used to grow corn and soybeans.

The spokesperson declined to disclose how much the athletes spent on the Iowa farmland but said it is part of a $5 million investment in farm purchases.

While the athletes will own the farms, don’t expect to see them out in the fields during fall harvest. The spokesperson said the athletes will lease the land to farmers for profit. He said this group could also purchase more Iowa farmland in the future.

When asked if he’s watching any athletes who have ventured into the business industry like Ohio native Lebron James, Burrow said not quite yet.

“You see guys like LeBron doing a lot of off-the-field stuff, I wouldn’t say I’m at that point in my career yet. I would say that’s probably another five years down the road, starting businesses and all that. I’m focused on ball right now for the most part,” Burrow said Tuesday.

Burrow was also asked about the new star athlete in town joining the Cincinnati Reds, Elly De La Cruz, asking if he’s caught the buzz.

“He’s exciting to watch, you kind of see how the city rallies around guys that are up and coming and have a chance to be great. It’s just exciting that the city embraces you like that. I think those guys over there are starting to feel it, cause there starting to put together a little run here, but that’s something that we’ve felt and FC Cincy too. The energy in the city right now is exciting,” Burrow said.

When asked how his time was at batting practice with the Reds, Burrow said it went well.

“I wasn’t sure I was going to hit any home runs, but I was excited I was able to, I’ve always wondered if I could do that, and now I know,” Burrow said.

When asked when the last time he swung a bat was, Burrow said 8th grade.

When asked who he thinks is the best in the NFL game right now, Burrow said, ”

“I don’t think there’s any argument right now. It’s Pat until somebody has a better year than he’s had, he’s the one to knock off,” Burrow said.


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