Mom of one Naomi Osaka shared joyous news as she is set to tie the knot with long time boyfriend Cordae Amari Dunston

Mom of one Naomi Osaka shared joyous news as she is set to tie the knot with long time boyfriend Cordae Amari Dunston


The four-time Grand Slam singles champion announced the news via social media last month with a photo of her sonogram and an aww-worthy Notes app memo. “I know that I have so much to look forward to in the future,” she wrote. “One thing I’m looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, ‘that’s my mom.’” (What a way to ring in the new year, amirite?)


Personally, I am very ecstatic for this superstar pair, who have been dating since 2019. Although, they may or may not have been secretly dating for a year prior to the world knowing about their ‘ship. (Talk about keeping it lowkey.)

The Grammy-nominated rapper, mononymously known as Cordae, confirmed their relationship in July 2019 during an interview with HOT 97, as Women’s Health previously reported. This is a few months after TMZ caught wind of their budding romance in April. He told the story of their first date, which was at a Los Angeles Clippers game. At the time, the basketball fan didn’t know he was hitting it off with a literal tennis star. (I mean, she beat tennis legend Serena Williams at the 2018 U.S. Open for crying out loud, but okay.)

Later, in December 2019, the couple went public by, get this, going to another Clippers game—recreating their first date. And they weren’t afraid of packing on the PDA either, all but confirming their coupledom.

Fast forward a few months, and Naomi and Cordae have demonstrated that they truly are there for one another through it all. In September 2020, the “Two Tens” rapper flew out to support Naomi in the U.S. Open when her father couldn’t make it due to the pandemic. “I feel like he actually really helped me win just, like, keeping up the motivation,” the ESPYs winner later told GQ. You can say the “RNP” wordsmith is a bit of a lucky charm, even though Naomi doesn’t need luck, trust. Have you seen her on the court?

If these two seem like they have each other’s backs on and off the court and in and out of the studio, it’s because they do, according to body language expert Karen Donaldson. She analyzed the couple’s hand placements and gestures throughout their four-year relationship, and counting. Ahead, discover what Naomi and Cordae’s body language reveals about their cute AF love story.

Naomi doesn’t mind Cordae taking the lead.
In this image, Cordae is standing in front of Naomi in a sort of power stance plus a “do not disturb” expression on his face. Meanwhile, Naomi is standing behind him and subconsciously making herself small, notes Donaldson. Her arms are positioned behind her and her feet are close together, tight at the ankles. “This can be a submissive gesture,” says Donaldson. Possibly signaling that she is fine with Cordae taking a more dominant role in the relationship.

Don’t get it twisted: Naomi can definitely hold her own, but sometimes you want to receive the princess treatment from time to time. (IYKYK.)

They have a healthy intimate connection.

Here, Naomi sits on Cordae’s lap and her legs cover his groin area. Cordae doesn’t mind the close contact and sits with ease. Read: These two are highly comfortable with one another and have a great physical connection, says Donaldson. You can tell they’re way past the infatuation stage here, she continues.

You’ll also notice that Cordae’s hand rests on Naomi’s knee. “[This] hand placement tells us that he adores her and enjoys their physical closeness,” Donaldson explains. Additionally, they’re smiling and holding each other’s gaze, which speaks to the tight bond they have, Donaldson adds.

When they’re in the same room, they always want to be near each other…
…well, at least in Naomi’s case.

In this image, the couple are striking a pose for the paparazzi. Naomi’s body is leaning in towards Cordae, which is apparent from the way she’s placing most of her weight on the leg closest to him, says Donaldson. “[She’s] aiming to be as close to him as possible.”

On the other hand, “Cordae’s stance doesn’t exude closeness and is quite singular,” Donaldson notes. Maybe he’s just too focused on the cameras or perhaps there’s some disconnect between them at that moment.


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