Mom Donna, Travis Kelce and Pregnant Kayla Nicole had a perfect family night dinner ” Donna delights fans with bombshell”

Mom Donna, Travis Kelce and Pregnant Kayla Nicole had a perfect family night dinner


Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce have a long history. , it seems as if the Pepperdine graduate cannot move past her previous relationship.


Many fans know that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and the Instagram model reportedly separated in an ugly way. Their breakup turned even more sour, as rumors went around that Kayla Nicole left Travis Kelce because he made her pay half for everything.

However, such rumors were repudiated by Kelce, who said that the claim was absurd. He also emphasized the fact that he was single, but was not looking for relationships. Kayla, on the other hand, is probably not over their affair.

She uploaded a string of pictures to her official Instagram account. In the post, she included various pictures of herself, each completely different from the last.

“Talking bout “I want to see other people.” Yea ok boy, pick your fighter. ????????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????”

The supposed shade comes after the tight end’s mother liked one of her Instagram Reels. In the Reel, Kayla talked about the importance of taking care of one’s body. The video was liked by Donna Kelce, thus showing that despite her son’s breakup with her, they at least maintain an amicable relationship.

Kayla Nicole gets hyped up by Brittany Mahomes
During the week of the “Barbie” world premiere, Kayla decided to put her most fashionable foot forward. She dressed up for the launch of a Barbie-inspired clothing collection.

She collaborated with Boohoo and wore a fashionable ensemble.

Fans loved her confidence and her fierce look. Apart from them, Brittany Mahomes also could not hold herself back from commenting and hyping up the model.

Brittany and Kayla were seen in the stands while they cheered for their partners. Additionally, the two used to regularly post pictures of each other whenever they attended Chiefs games.


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