Miranda Lambert Rocks a Red Mini Skirt and Sparkling Stockings in New Instagram Photo – see details

Entering stage right is a fancy new getup that Miranda Lambert just revealed on Instagram. Entering stage left is us with our credit cards ready to snag some of the singer’s residency tickets. What better way to appreciate this iconic outfit than in person, right?

The “If I Was a Cowboy” singer is pulling out alllll the stops during her Las Vegas residency and fans are happily coming along for the ride. After seeing her stunning blue matching set full of rhinestones and fringe, we didn’t think it could get any better yet, we stand corrected.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing “Little Red Wagon”:

Miranda shared a quick Boomerang of her Sin City inspired look on Instagram with the caption, “Every one of my Velvet Rodeo outfits has a name… meet the “Little Red Wagon” outfit 💋❤️💎 See y’all tonight!”

Named after her 2014 single, Miranda stunned in a bright red, western-inspired combo that’s embroidered with her name on the back reminiscent of the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. With an extremely detailed top, the Sin City-inspired design also features purple palm trees, stars, a sleek red car and of course, a disco ball. She paired the red-hot set full of sparkle and fringe, with bedazzled fishnets for some extra pizzazz. After all, if anything is going to shine brighter than the Las Vegas strip, it’s going to be Miranda.

Following her outfit reveal on Instagram, fans immediately flooded the comments with sweet messages like “Can’t even!!” “THIS!! 💥” and “this has got to be one of my fav outfits you’ve ever done.” Another person joked, “i expect this outfit under my Christmas tree this year.”

Miranda’s “Little Red Wagon” outfit is just a small taste of the incredible looks she’s serving up during her Velvet Rodeo residency. In an interview with ET, the singer described her Las Vegas style as “just country-western with a lot of rhinestones and fringe, and some fire maybe.”

Y’all, she wasn’t kidding!


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