Millie Bobby Brown’s skimpy, low cut dress has people outraged – see details

Fans immediately took to the comments section to scold the Stranger Things star for her revealing outfit.

“You’re [sic] becoming [sic] more and more like the others 👎 you [sic] are 15… not 25… I really think you [sic] will be soon a very bad influence on children… so sad… as a celebrity you [sic] have to be responsible,” one person commented.

“Am I the only person thinking she’s a bit young to wear that kind of dress ?!”

“Cover your cleavage for real [sic].”

“Very inappropriate for your age,” wrote another.

Some others were actually on Millie’s side, claiming that it is up to her to decide what she wears, as it is her parents.

“I read through some of these comments. All I’ll say is this, it’s up to her parents and her to decide what’s appropriate to wear. I fully understand what some of you are saying, but ultimately it’s not your place to say. It’s just a dress, some of you must not get out much.”


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