Might sound hard or disrespectful But that’s the Honest truth – Patrick Mahomes poured out his heart about Travis Kelce new situation

Might sound hard or disrespectful But that's the Honest truth - Patrick Mahomes poured out his heart about Travis Kelce new situation


Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce serve as the linchpin of the he Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive force. They have led their team all the way to two Super Bowl titles within a span of four seasons.


Might sound hard or disrespectful But that's the Honest truth - Patrick Mahomes poured out his heart about Travis Kelce new situation

Furthermore, Mahomes boasts two NFL Most Valuable Player awards to his name, while Kelce has maintained his status as an All-Pro member every year since 2016.

Despite their remarkable individual accomplishments and team triumphs, the Chiefs find themselves in a promising position to construct the next dynasty in football.

As part of this endeavor, Mahomes has been employing his inventive prowess to execute impressive throws on the field. However, amidst all of his on-field wizardry, Kelce believes there’s one type of pass his teammate won’t risk attempting in a high-stakes game.

During a recent episode of the “New Heights” podcast, the eight-time Pro Bowler claimed that Mahomes won’t venture into the territory of a “behind the back” pass during a game of genuine significance.

“Every time he does it, I scream at him to do it in the game,” Kelce noted.

“I don’t think it’ll ever happen, the situation that has like it has to be a perfect like instinctual decision like, yeah, there’s only one way I can get this off, and it’s like behind the back.

“I mean, there’s no way he’s like pre-meditating before the snap like, all right, this is it, I’m gonna throw this backward pass right here, you know. There’s just no way; it just doesn’t make any sense.”

The Kansas City Chiefs might be getting two of their three best players back for a Sunday matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars, so long as things go as planned with tight end Travis Kelce and defensive tackle Chris Jones. The former is recovering from a scary knee injury, although things appear to be looking up.

Kelce, the Chiefs’ primary pass-catcher, suffered a hyperextended knee during last Tuesday’s practice that required a reported 45 cc of blood to be drained from the area in its aftermath. Kansas City initially feared that the injury was much more serious than a bone bruise, but subsequent testing revealed that the ailment turned out to be relatively minor in nature. Kelce’s knee didn’t respond well enough to treatment in time for the club’s Thursday night opener against the Detroit Lions, forcing the superstar to sit due to injury for the first time in nearly a decade.

Appearing on this week’s edition of the New Heights podcast with his brother Jason, Kelce provided an update on how things are going in his injury rehab. Saying he felt like an “asshole” for not being available to begin the season, the 33-year-old explained that he planted his foot in the ground and suffered the hyperextension thereafter. Here’s more from Kelce on the show:

“Seriously though, I did feel like an asshole for not being able to be out there Week 1. I know you’ve got to be very fortunate to play this game. I take a lot of this to heart, being able to be out there every single week. You were kind of talking about the toughness rating on Madden — I love to put that on my shoulders, on my resume, that I make myself available every single week. And the last practice going into the first game, I got a little lazy on some of my movement and sure enough, offed myself and couldn’t play in the first game.”

Speaking to the media on Monday via Zoom, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said Kelce was “progressing” and “getting better” as time passed. At the time, he still didn’t have a complete read on whether his best offensive weapon (not named Patrick Mahomes) would be given the green light for Sunday’s game. With quite a bit of time between outings to rest, there’s optimism on both sides that Kelce could potentially make a return. He’s not out of the woods yet, though, and he elaborated on how much of a toll it took on him to miss the Lions game:

“Not fun dealing with an injury, especially that late in the week because then you, for 72 hours straight, are just worried about one single thing. Everybody’s asking you about it, everybody’s in your ear about it, everybody’s just trying to figure out what’s the best scenario. It’s not like the organization was banking on me being back, but everybody in the organization is asking me how I’m doing so that we can go out there with the right game plan, the right mentality. It’s just not fun. Not a lot of sleep and a lot of focus on a knee that wasn’t getting better fast enough. So, a lot better than last week, and it doesn’t help when your brother is on national television telling everybody that you’re going to play.”

Kelce says he got some running in during an early-week practice, ultimately taking a wait-and-see approach that echoes the same sentiment as Reid’s from Monday. As Sunday draws near, expect additional clarity on Kelce’s status for the game to be provided from his head coach:

“I did run yesterday, and it feels like I might be able to play this week. We’ll see how practice goes, man.”


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