Meghan Markle ‘was drawn’ to Princess Eugenie – ‘most room for platonic relationship’-check


MEGHAN MARKLE and Princess Eugenie are known to be close friends within the Royal Family, as the Princess visited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their home in California two months ago. But what makes the two women such good friends?



Princess Eugenie and her cousin Prince Harry are known to have a close relationship. The two are close in age and even enjoyed clubbing together during their early 20s in Mahiki in Mayfair. Eugenie went on to marry the general manager of Mahiki, Jack Brooksbank, in 2018.



Earlier that year, Harry tied the knot with the American actress Meghan Markle in St George’s Chapel in Windsor. The four are very close, as they were photographed going out to dinner together in Santa Barbara back in February this year.



But what makes Meghan and Eugenie particularly close?

Relationships expert Callisto Adams, Ph.D spoke exclusively to about the relationship between the two royal women and why they are so close.



Callisto said: “A lot of platonic relationships lead to closeness between people due to their matching personalities, even if that means completely different personalities.“However, there is usually something that connects those people at the initial stages of the connection.



“Meghan and Eugenie might just have that compatibility and that personality match it takes for a close platonic relationship.“They might have something specific that connects them more. “Clearly, we’re not aware of what that is,” the expert noted.



Why did Meghan gravitate most towards Eugenie out of everyone in the Royal Family? Callisto continued: “It could’ve been understanding, it could’ve been communication, or even a former connection between the two before Meghan became part of the Royal Family.



“Some people feel more comforting, so you’re more drawn to them. “When there’s a sense of understanding between two people, there’s the most room for a platonic relationship.“I think this is the case in Meghan’s and Eugenie’s relationship.”


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Is it the differences between Meghan and Eugenie that bond them – or are they just extremely respectful of each other? Callisto added: “Again, it can take two completely different personalities to match for a friendship.“It can be a sense of understanding or a connection.



“It can be respected, it can be the enjoyment of conversations, and it can be the enjoyment of flow in the other’s presence. “Meghan and Eugenie seem to be having a lot of differences in their personalities.



“However, they also seem to have that matching side to their personalities that make them both a compatible pair for a connection (platonic in this case).”


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