Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s happiness was “badly compromised” between their first appearance as a couple and the day they

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's happiness was


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s happiness was “badly compromised” between their first appearance as a couple and the day they stepped down from the Royal Family, a body language expert claimed.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's happiness was "badly compromised" between their first appearance as a couple and the day they

The Duchess of Sussex celebrates her 42nd birthday today (August 4) – making it over three years since she stepped away from the Royal Family with her husband.

Since then the pair have gone on to have two children together – Archie and Lilibet – and have created a new life in the US.

But according to body language expert Judi James, their unhappiness was visible long before the interviews to anyone who was watching close enough.

The expert compared the couple’s first official appearance as boyfriend and girlfriend in 2017 to their final royal engagement in 2020 and claimed to spot an “incredibly sad” difference.

Speaking to Daily Star back in 2021, she said: “Comparing the body language of this couple between their first public appearance in 2017 to their last, when they were at the Commonwealth Day service in 2020, is incredibly sad.

“[That’s] not because of any erosion of their bonding signals as a couple, but because of their signals of external engagement and joy have clearly been so badly compromised.”

In the video showing the couple’s first public appearance, Harry and Meghan held hands and walked closely beside each other as they entered the tennis court inside Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, Canada.

The former Suits actress looked at Harry and gave him a sweet smile as they walked past the crowd.

Judi said: “Their mutual attraction was obvious and their choice of dress, with Meghan’s ripped jeans and boyfriend shirt, suggested a fresh energy that was expected to breathe new life into The Firm.

“They both appeared to be loving the attention and their hand-holding and touch rituals showed they were happy to nail their status together with some ongoing public displays of affection.”

Fast-forward to the Commonwealth Day Service in March 2020 and the couple looked starkly different.

The event has become infamous for the Sussexes’ awkward interaction with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Lip-reading expert Jeremy Freeman told Daily Star that Kate acknowledged Meghan with a smile before saying “hi”.

Meghan then joined Harry and they turned to William and say: “Hello.”

Then Harry apparently told his wife: “At least they acknowledged unlike last time.”

Judi also claimed the couple lacked the spark and energy that they showed at the Invictus Games.

She suggested Meghan was seen “pulling out all the stops” to look like a sociable royal but Harry talked mainly to her and occasionally fell into an expression of “dour reflection” during the quieter moments.

“The sparkle was missing from Harry’s eyes and the sense of fun he was known for had completely vanished when they sat in the hub of his family,” Judi explained.

“While it was Harry guiding and leading Meghan into the induction or royal life in 2017, we could now see Meghan providing the smiles and the strength to guide him through this last appearance before they quit the UK.

“Harry now looked as though Meghan was his only friend in the royal world and his rather haunted eye expression only warmed when he looked at her.”


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