Life Changing $30,000 Christmas Gift From Jalen Hurts Shows $255,000,000 Went Into the Right Hands

Life Changing $30,000 Christmas Gift From Jalen Hurts Shows $255,000,000 Went Into the Right Hands


Jalen Hurts may be a rising star in the midst of legends. But he is a young talent who continues to impress the NFL fanbase as one of the best dual-threat QB in the league. The Philadelphia Eagles QB led them to the Super Bowl LVII final, where they were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs. But Hurts’ performance has led to the Eagles signing a $255 million 5-year deal with the 24-year-old. But his excellence is not only limited to the league.


Life Changing $30,000 Christmas Gift From Jalen Hurts Shows $255,000,000 Went Into the Right Hands

The young QB also makes an example of himself off the field as a person with good morals. Despite earning millions, he still understands the importance of giving back to the community that always stands in support of the QB. And the way he spent his first million dollars during his rookie year is a testament to his good-natured will.

Jalen Hurts made a life-changing decision in his rookie year

A lot of QBs use their first big amount earned in the NFL to make investments to secure their future better. But Hurts decided to use his first million in the NFL not just for himself, but also to help the people of the community. Two years ago, Hurts went viral. Not because of his excellent plays, but for being an empathetic person who came forward to help a family cherish Christmas Celebrations.




He helped a family in rural Pennsylvania with a $30,000 check to buy a house while working with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The family’s eldest son, Eric, was suffering from cancer back then, while they lived in a two-bedroom trailer in Nottingham.

Speaking about the incident with GQ Sports, Hurts said, “This is what I told Eric. I was like, is there anything you want Santa to come and give you or anything that you want to ask Santa? He didn’t have much in mind. And I said I’ll see what Santa can do. Then that’s when the video came out where I surprised them with the $30,000 dollar check for a down payment on a new house.” The QB spent almost $60,000 in giving back to the community in his rookie year.

But that is not the only time Jalen Hurts has come forward to help people in need. In fact, it is a value that he gives a lot of importance to in his life.

Showcasing excellence off the field as well
In that same year, the Eagles’ QB also donated $10,000 to a West Philadelphia Charter School for their development. Even when Hurts was still in college in Alabama, he would volunteer to mentor people with autism and go to prom with them. The QB also took part in the 5th Annual Eagles Autism Challenge last year, which has a goal of raising funds for autism research and support. He also revealed in the same GQ interview of 2021 that he has $70,000 kept aside so that he can help his sister, Kynnedy Hurts, to go to college. Coming from a humble background, Hurts believes in the idea of doing good for the people to his utmost capacity.

And this is another reason why the fans hold him in high regard. While the QB gears up for the new season of the NFL with his new contract in place, one can expect to see him giving back to the community even more in the future.


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