King Charles Strips Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Titles Over Netflix And Book Deal


British King Charles III might strip Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and their children of their titles if their upcoming book and Netflix show are damaging to the Royal Family, a royal expert has claimed.


Prince Harry is set to release his memoir, titled ‘Spare’, next year on January 10. According to Publisher Penguin Random House, the book promises “raw and unflinching honesty”, which has led to the speculation that it could be “highly destructive” for the Royal family.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix documentary was also set to come out in the coming months, however, it has been delayed following the backlash over the new season of ‘The Crown’, which is set to be released in the coming week.


Now, as per the Daily Star, royal author Tom Bower revealed the hostilities between senior royals following their reunion at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral service.


Mr Bower said, “He [King Charles] has made various threats to Meghan and Harry and warned that them if they go ahead they will find themselves ostracised in a way they cannot believe. And so they are worried.”


“First of all, I do not think their children will get titles if they go ahead and slander the Royal Family. But they have also got to consider their own titles, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could be taken away by Charles if they misbehave,” the author added.


Further, as per Mr Bower, Prince Harry is moving “full steam” ahead with his memoir after a tense London trip for the Queen’s funeral in September. “In the end, they left Britain after the Queen’s funeral feeling as angry as ever, if not more,” the Royal expert said.


“Because they had been excluded from various events especially a reception for the heads of states, [Harry] not been allowed to wear his uniform and there was no reconciliation between them and Kate and William. The Sussexes released a photo of themselves to media, hours after the King unveiled his snaps with William and Kate.”


“This was the resumption of hostilities from Montecito to the Royal Family,” Mr Bower claimed.


Meanwhile, this comes after it was reported that King Charles feels “betrayed” by Meghan Markle’s interviews about the Royal family. Royal expert Christopher Andersen claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may not be working members of the royal family but King Charles III keeps a tab on all their public appearances.


He further mentioned that King Charles was very “‘fond” of the Duchess of Sussex and now he’s somewhat “bewildered”.


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