King Charles Praised for Being ‘More Approachable’ Than His Mother, But Who Is Truly In His Inner Circle?

King Charles Praised for Being ‘More Approachable’ Than His Mother, But Who Is Truly In His Inner Circle?


Since ascending to the throne following the death of his mother, King Charles has been praised for being ‘more approachable’ than his mother.



Bridging the royal gap, King Charles III is quickly emerging as a more approachable monarch than his predecessor, Queen Elizabeth. A recent survey uncovers this unique sentiment, with participants feeling a stronger connection to Charles’ transparent progression from prince to king.

While the public clearly views Charles in a positive light, that’s not the only thing interesting about his captivating life. Here’s a closer look at the intriguing mix of personalities that comprise his inner circle, offering a fresh glimpse into the modern monarchy.

Participants in a new survey praised Charles as being more accessible compared to the late Queen Elizabeth. The survey, which involved 22,701 people across all 15 countries, revealed a sympathetic attitude toward Charles.

Many individuals in the survey recognized the daunting task Charles faced in following in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth. Throughout her reign, Her Majesty had earned worldwide respect and admiration for her commitment to the monarchy.

Despite having a familiarity with Queen Elizabeth, survey participants felt they knew more about Charles than his mother. After all, many of them have witnessed his journey from childhood to the Prince of Wales and then to the throne.

According to Express, one participant from Northern Ireland shared their perspective about Charles’ accession. The individual compared Charles to Elizabeth and admitted that the former is “more approachable” for the public.

“The Queen was more of a seen-and-not-heard sort of person,” the commentator shared. “Because I grew up with Charles and because he was Prince of Wales, he’s more approachable and I suppose more tangible.”

Within Charles’ inner circle, a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds plays key roles. While some have the privilege of daily interaction with His Majesty, others maintain a greater distance.

At the core of this circle is Sir Clive Alderton, Charles’ private secretary, who holds a particularly close position. With a background in the Foreign Office, Sir Clive first joined Charles’ office as deputy private secretary in 2006.

Joining Sir Clive are notable figures like Sir Michael Stevens, Keeper of the Privy Purse, and Vice-Admiral Sir Tony Johnstone-Burt, Master of the Household. Sir Michael, who formerly served as the finance director of the Royal Collection Trust, has taken on a pivotal position as the head of finances within the King’s household.

Sir Tony, meanwhile, joined The Firm in 2013. He shoulders a multitude of responsibilities within the royal household, including his roles as the Chief Housekeeper and Yeoman of the Royal Pantries.

These notable public personalities are part of King Charles’ inner circle
In addition to his personal staff, Charles’ inner circle includes a handful of celebrities and TV personalities. Among them is the renowned television horticulturalist Alan Titchmarsh, who shares a long-standing friendship with the King.

Alan had the opportunity to spend time with Charles at Dumfries House on the Ayrshire estate just one day before Elizabeth died. This memorable encounter took place at the estate that Charles had previously rescued from decline. Little did Alan know that it would be their final meeting while Charles held the title of Prince of Wales.