King Charles III’s little known girlfriend before Lady Di and Camilla Parker – see photos


She was a historian and close friend of Camilla Parker. King Charles III has had several relationships over the years, but that with Lucia Santa Cruz is perhaps the least well known. Few know about the woman who was the first real girlfriend of the new British king, or that she played a role in bringing Charles III and Camilla together. It all happened in 1971. Lucia Santa Cruz was a research assistant who had just presented her book “Three essays on Chilean women”. Films may show that Charles and Camilla met at a polo match and then dinner, but the truth is that it was Lucia who introduced them years after the two had broken up.



Who was Lucia Santa Cruz?
She was the daughter of the Chilean ambassador in London, Victor Santa Cruz, during the term of President Ricardo Froilan Lagos Escobar. Her book allowed her to get close to the rich families of the United Kingdom, which left Prince Charles, a lover of history and art, smitten. They began dating after they met in Cambridge, and he even introduced her to Queen Elizabeth II. The British crown has very strict rules about marriage and one of them is that anyone joining the Royal Family must be Protestant, and Lucia was Catholic, which meant Charles would have to renounce his crown.



As a result their love story came to an end, but Lucia Santa Cruz’s career went on to be a success, even without the crown. She became a university professor, worked for Banco Santander, wrote several books, and ended up being the director of Chilean national TV. In terms of her personal life, she ended up marrying politician Juan Luis Ossa, with whom she had three children. But all this didn’t prevent her from remaining friends with Charles III and Camilla Parker, until her death on March 16, 2019.


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