King Charles III dark plan over Harry’s children Hits the Mud as Meghan Markle critically –

King Charles III dark plan over Harry's children Hits the Mud as Meghan Markle critically -


Reality could surpass fiction, and the separation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seems to be a fact very soon, but while that happens, at Buckingham Palace, King Charles III already has a plan for her not to be near their children.


King Charles III  dark plan over Harry's children Hits the Mud as Meghan Markle critically -

Suits actress may not see her children if she divorces Harry
Meghan Markle is involved in many controversies, one is that she could return to star in the multi-award-winning series Suits, and the most important, is that her separation from Harry is almost a fact, and while it happens, King Charles would have the ideal plan to separate her from her children.

According to several media outlets in Britain and around the world, rumour has it that Meghan would ask Harry for the huge figure of 80 million dollars for child support, and this rumour has reached the Royal Family and Buckingham is willing to help Harry to thwart the plans of Meghan. And that is why there is already talk of King Charles III’s plan to take her away from her children.

King Charles’ plan, according to the local press, is to take custody of his children away from Meghan Markle so that she cannot see them, and it is striking, as the British monarch wants his grandchildren to stay out of the royal lineage, but also out of the Hollywood spotlight, something that sounds almost impossible with their mother.

Harry and Meghan’s problems with the Royal Family

Ever since Harry and Meghan decided to completely separate from his family, they assumed they would be leaving the British royals, but that’s where the ordeal began, as they allegedly leaked secret crown documents, and that infuriated everyone, mainly King Charles.

In response to the couple’s situation, Harry’s older brother, Prince William, travelled to the United States to advise his brother on the issues surrounding their divorce and even to support him in his financial crisis.


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