Kelly Clarkson makes shocking revelation about marriage: sometimes our lives aren’t great- check


Kelly Clarkson and Kaley Cuoco have both had some rough times as of late, but they’re bravely embracing it, and are certainly not afraid to talk about it.



The Flight Attendant star came by The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss its new season, but the two first got to talking about a much more personal, and emotional, topic.


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The actress and singer instantly hit it off, not hesitating to look at each other with knowing eyes when they sat down, quickly expressing how much has changed since they last saw each other.



“It’s been a rough go, man,” the host said. Kaley filed for divorce from Karl Cook, who she married in 2018, in September of 2021, while Kelly filed for divorce in June 2020, though it was drawn out because of custody battles, and only finalized this year, in March.



As the host’s guest suggested they should go out for a drink to further bond over their divorces after the show, the songstress was hilariously one step ahead, having someone from her crew promptly bring each of them a glass of rosé.



Once they had their wine and got to talking, they both prided themselves on being very open, with Kaley candidly admitting that: “This year I wanted to be very upfront that it wasn’t my best year, I’ve been very sad.”



She continued to explain how Hollywood and social media are more often than not a complete highlight reel, and that: “Not everything is how it seems, and I struggle like everyone else.”



The country star totally resonated with her guest, saying: “Sometimes our lives aren’t great, sometimes you’re sad,” but as both confessed that there were “a lot of tears,” they proved they can make light out of the situation, quickly laughing and clinking their glasses.



Then, when Kelly brought up the fact that Kaley revealed she would never get married again, she shockingly announced that she couldn’t agree more, stating that: “I will never get married again. Not because I don’t believe in love, I think love is beautiful and it’s not that, I just did not… that didn’t suit me in my life.”



The two continued to be on the same page about where they stood romantically, expressing how while they both certainly wanted relationships, they were first focusing on being able to balance their intense work ethic and embracing help from friends.


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