Kelly Clarkson announces incredible news that’ll thrill fans of her show


The NBC star is doing it all,Kelly Clarkson announced some incredible news for fans of her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and her music.The singer revealed that she will be expanding on one of the most beloved segments of her show, “Kellyoke,” which sees her perform covers of various songs at the very beginning.



She will be releasing a six-song EP of covers in the style of her “Kellyoke” sets, and already gave fans a teaser with a full-length cover of Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever.



Other songs set to feature in the release include Linda Ronstadt’s Blue Bayou, The Weeknd’s Call Out My Name, Whitney Houston’s Queen of the Night, Shaed’s Trampoline, and Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees.



In a press release, Kelly stated: “Music is in the DNA of everything I do, so when The Kelly Clarkson Show started we knew it was the perfect way to kick off every episode.



“Over 500 songs later, and we’re still not running out of amazing artists to pay tribute to. Picking just six was near-impossible, but these songs have been some of my favorites. Thanks for singing along with me y’all!”



Fans have already begun raving over the prospect of receiving more full-length covers of her songs as opposed to the 1-2 minute long segments on the show.



In response to her rock-oriented Billie Eilish recording, one fan shared: “Kelly is FEEDING us fans with this studio-length cover… one of her best covers and one of her best vocals ever.”



Another said: “This is a bonafide MASTERPIECE!!! This is what KC10 should sound like!” with a third commenting: “Only icons can make someone else’s song theirs and Kelly absolutely killed that,” with one also adding: “OMG. We need to make this #1 worldwide. Her vocals are insane.”



The news comes at a difficult time for Kelly who, like many others worldwide, is most likely still reeling from the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, made even more personal by the fact that she is a Texas-native herself.


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