KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Named NFL’s Third-Most Marketable Player by OLBG

KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Named NFL's Third-Most Marketable Player by OLBG


The NFL offseason is still in full swing, allowing NFL players to get involved with their off-the-field endeavors much more now than during the season. For Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, as well as many others, this makes for a busy time despite not having games to play every week.


KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Named NFL's Third-Most Marketable Player by OLBG

As Mahomes has risen to the pinnacle of the sport and is now regarded as the best quarterback (and perhaps the best player) in the game, his following has done nothing but grow over the last five or six years. He’s a household name in most cases, and his popularity rivals some of the NFL’s other top superstars. OLBG recently created an index that determined the most marketable players in the league, and Mahomes took the No. 3 spot. Here’s some of what OLBG’s article had to say about Mahomes:

Having one of the largest social media following of any active NFL star (5.6m), Mahomes scores remarkably high for audience reachability (94.3%) and also well for audience authenticity (69.24%). Combine this with the third-highest audience quality score (83/100) and a strong positive sentiment on Instagram posts (58.36%), Mahomes is likely any brand’s dream.



Thanks to his outstanding performances on the field, Mahomes has managed to sign some of the biggest deals in the NFL. Working with the likes of Bose, Oakley, State Farm, and EA, he also signed a massive 10-year deal with Adidas which resulted in him being one the highest-earning stars from off-field endorsements.

Mahomes is succeeded by San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle and Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams to round out the top five. Ahead of Mahomes were just two stars: Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Mahomes drew praise from OLBG for his incredibly high audience reachability score (94.3%) and overall audience quality (83/100). His estimated earnings/charges per post were found to be $21,200 with an earned media value of $22.15. Explanations for each metric can be found on OLBG’s homepage for the index under methodology.

With such high scores in relation to his audience, it’s easy to see that Mahomes is not only a fan favorite but also someone who actively wants his audience to see and engage with the things he posts on social media. That, combined with his stature as a player and his many endorsement deals, make him an ideal marketability candidate and someone who should rank high on similar lists for years to come.


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