Tears of Joy:Kayla Nicole In tears after someone she Love’s Proposed

Tears of Joy:Kayla Nicole In tears after someone she Love's Proposed


Kayla Nicole, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have been friends for years. Supporting each other through events and milestones, one can often spot Brittany or Kayla on each other’s social media. Of course, this includes the recent premiere of Netflix’s docuseries Quarterback.


While she and Brittany spent some time together on the red carpet, Nicole seemed to get a little emotional about the NFL couple and their growth. Together since high school, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have made their journey together.

Nicole got a little teary-eyed.

“Feel like I’ve watched these two grow up. Couldn’t be more proud of the life you’ve created and the dreams you’ve achieved. Congrats on the show! It’s sooooooo so good”.



However, Nicole’s comments with Brittany and Patrick Mahomes also sparked a discussion about her ex-boyfriend Kelce. Following a public breakup, the two haven’t been seen at public events together.

Many users were excited that Nicole and Kelce were at the same event together:

“SO UR TELLING ME KAYLA AND TRAVIS WERE AT THE SAME EVENT,” one fan wrote.Apart from meeting Brittany, Patrick Mahomes, Kayla Nicole has addressed trolls about Travis Kelce

Even months after their breakup, Nicole is still addressing issues related to her ex-boyfriend. People continue to mention him and their breakup to her. In a recent Instagram story, Nicole chose to address the situation:

“I really want y’all to stop coming on my page talking bout some old s**t. (Eye donut care). – Management,” Nicole wrote.
Fans, however, believe that Nicole is the one who should be moving on.

One user of Reddit added:

“The more she addresses it, the more talk. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I think she cares lmao, If someone (IMO) didn’t care about something they wouldn’t feel the need to post a story to a million followers, to then open themselves up for more questions”.
That being said, Nicole and Kelce reportedly split because of his 50-50 rule. They were dating on and off for around five years, finally cutting things off a few months ago.


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