Kate & Pippa Middleton are both ‘rather calm mothers’ but with one ‘huge difference’-check


KATE and Pippa Middleton share some important parenting techniques – but with one key difference. A body language expert compared their parenting styles. Kate Middleton is mother to eight-year-old Prince George, seven-year-old Princess Charlotte, and four-year-old Prince Louis. Her younger sister Pippa Middleton is mother to three-year-old Arthur and one-year-old Grace. Body language expert Judi James shed some light on their individual parenting styles, and how they compare.



Judi suggested that the mothering techniques of Kate and Pippa Middleton may have been passed down from their own mum, Carole. “These two sisters share certain body language traits as mothers to small children and these might be based on instinct and mimicry.”If their own mother parented like this it’s likely they would behave in the same way.”


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It is likely that they inherited her ability to juggle a career, marriage and other responsibilities in addition to small children, too.Carole has spoken about navigating motherhood alongside a successful business, saying she had to be “really organised” in order to manage, she told Sheer Luxe.



Daughter Kate reflected this sentiment on Giovana Fletcher’s podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby, when he revealed that juggling her responsibilities and young children is a “constant challenge”. Nevertheless, the Duchess pulls it off, even with her many royal duties.



But how do she and her sister compare on the parenting front, and does Kate’s royal role made her job that little bit harder? Judi stated: “One mirrored behaviour seems to be the way both women create head closeness with their children as often as possible, carrying them in a way that allows them to share experiences and sights with their children when they are small, as well as keeping closely tuned in to them and able to communicate via tie-signs rather than bending and using bouts of eye contact.



“Kate has done this a lot with little Louis and Pippa has done the same with Arthur.” Another similarity between the pair is that they are both “rather calm mothers”. Judi continued: “For Kate this is a total necessity as she is a very public mother and as a future queen needs to look as radiant and well-groomed as possible. “When she has needed to ‘speak to’ little George and Charlotte she tends to be loving but also firm, bending to their height to talk to them in a way that looks calm but which appears to work.



“This tends to suggest quite a lot of discussion and prepping behind the scenes to ensure her children get the fact that, as young royals, they need to be seen to look well behaved.” But what about Pippa? With the younger sister recently purchasing a struggling zoo and taking a course on holistic health, she will also need to remain calm as she navigates her children and new business ventures.



However, the disparity in the parenting styles cannot be ignored, and lies within Kate’s exceptionally integral royal role. The expert explained: “The obviously huge difference between the sisters is that Kate never needs to be seen doing normal parenting things like carrying loads of bags or dashing off to the school run.”


People commented on the Duchess' 80s inspired dress
Pippa, on the other hand, has been spotted “pushing a stroller full of the usual paraphernalia of parenthood”. “She gets to wear things like trainers, cross-body sack-shaped bags and comfy coats while Kate is often in full, immaculately regal tailoring with little more than a tiny clutch bag to juggle.” When both women are very much subjects of public interest, Kate’s public standing may slightly inhibit her when it comes to mothering.



Judi concluded: “Pippa is also happy to look openly besotted as she gazes at her son Arthur or watches him walking unsteadily beside her, keeping up what looks like a non-stop conversation with him, whereas Kate often needs to be appearing as a royal and therefore aware of the cameras and her royal persona when she appears in public with her children.”


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