Kansas City parade shooting: Watch the exact moment shots are fired at Union Station

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl champions parade ended in tragedy as shots were reported fired near the west of Union Station. Initially, there were only a couple of videos of the police agents moving towards the entrance of the station. It took a while to gather reliable information from the Kansas City PD but they later reported at least 22 people were shot with two confirmed fatalities, according to local media. Also, there are videos of the police taking a tall bald suspect wearing Kansas City Chiefs’ colors into custody. It has also been rumored that a bald individual was one of three suspects they currently have detained. However, it was later confirmed three black young adults were the ones detained by the police. One of these suspects is considered an accomplice, not a perpetrator.

The moment of the shooting is caught on British television

The British BBC had one reporter on the Kansas City Chiefs’ parade as the shots were clearly heard in the background. As the camera started panning from one side to the other, one of the people in the broadcast stated something was going on. Some people are shown slightly confused while trying to find out if these were gunshots or something else. Fortunately, there wasn’t too much chaos generated from the incident as it seemed to happen fairly quick. But unfortunately, there are people currently being treated at the University Health Truman Medical Center with gunshot wounds.

Patrick Mahomes prays for Kansas City

Amid all the chaos, Kansas City Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes published a tweet in which hs says he is praying for Kansas City. Ending such a historic week in this fashion will get plenty of reactions from not only Mahomes but many of the Kansas City Chiefs players and staff. Currently, the United States of America has been suffering from an endless mass shootings problem that was confirmed to be alive and well to this day.